So many websites go into great length about 'us' yet a genuine customer oriented business should focus on you - the customer. So who are our customers? In short any organisation with an interest in tourism, whether a 'first line' tourism business offering accommodation , attraction or package, a supplier with an interest in the industry, destination organisation or strategic body, media or event organiser. The common theme is that you are looking for someone to help achieve your objectives, whether to:
  • Advise on improving your product and tourism offer
  • Plan your next development
  • Enhance your marketing 
  • Handle a project
  • Speak at a conference or seminar
  • Deliver training
  • Build a partnership
  • Attract funding or sponsors
  • Offer expertise and advice
We'd be pleased to explore how we can help in all of the above areas - and many more. Just share with us your goals or problems and we'll see how we can assist.